Responsible Investment (ESG)

Ark Totan Alternative (“Ark”) signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) on October 1, 2011. As a signatory, Ark supports and promotes the idea of PRI. Ark engages in fund-raising business under contract with fund management companies in the Private Equity (“PE”) industry. As a placement agent connecting investors and fund management companies, Ark recognizes responsibility for the sustainable development of the PE industry. Ark believes that by demonstrating a commitment to ESG activities, we will raise awareness of ESG issues among investors and firms related to the PE business, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of alternative investments in Japan. Ark is determined to fulfilling its responsibility as a signatory of PRI through activities based on our action plan adopted at the beginning of each year and guided by the six practices below:
1. We organize the structure for responsible investment.
The Compliance Department takes initiatives for responsible investment activities. Important matters related to ESG are to be resolved by Ark’s Management Strategy Committee.
2. We integrate ESG issues into the fund management companies selection process.
We consider ESG issues when selecting fund management companies for fund-raising activities. If a fund management company is not familiar with ESG issues, we provide information and encourage them to integrate ESG into their decision-making process.
3. We gather information on responsible investment (ESG).
We gather information through the network of PRI signatories, and attend PRI meetings in order to keep abreast of the latest PRI trends.
4. We share information on responsible investment (ESG).
We share ESG information through our website, publications, and other forms of media.
5. We have a dialogue with stakeholders on responsible investment (ESG).
Through dialogue with stakeholders and business associates, we strive to improve mutual understanding of responsible investment practices.
6. We address ESG issues on our own.
We address ESG issues on our own to the extent possible in an effort to establish and maintain good relationships with stakeholders.