We, Ark Totan Alternative believe Private Equity (PE) investments could potentially bring significant impact to the overall economy. Since our establishment in October 2010, we have been striving to penetrate PE in Japan by providing solutions to various issues which all PE market participants share in common.
Our first business was Placement Agent service, and the concept was to bridge the two unidentified and distant parties, investment managers and investors. We believe this business has achieved fair amount of support and continues to be our main pillar of business.
However, as we pursue our path, we came across many issues and concerns from market participants. And we realized “Liquidity Risk Management” and “Lack of Gatekeeper” were the two biggest issues.
Historically, limited number of professional investors had dealt and managed liquidity risk. Therefore, in October 2012, we began offering secondary transaction service in Japan for general investors to help mitigate this risk. Separately, we added gatekeeper function from September 2013 to provide asset management service focusing on illiquid financial products.
Ark will continue to identify and provide solution to these industry wide issues. It is our mission to grow quality companies through our involvement with PE fund investments, and sustain healthy money flow in the economy.
Ark is a dedicated PE specialist, and based on the responsible investment philosophy, we want to make this world a better place.

President and CEO
Taketo (Tuck) Furuya